Affiliated Shops

These are shops whose affiliate programs I participate in.
If you follow these links with cookies enabled and make a purchase, I will earn a percentage from most purchases.

Superb sculpts with fresh takes on classic monsters—with plenty of tentacles to go around.

Furry friends and adorable chonky squishies.

Unique creatures from forests and folklore. Get 5% off with code: FROST

High quality sex toy mounts and sex furniture.

A trans-friendly retailer with a broad selection of vibrators, dildos, and other body-safe products.

Cute, brightly colored vibrators, including the Sunset Mushroom. Get 20% off with code: FROST

Steampunk and horror themed toys for those looking to venture far beyond the norm. Get 10% off with code: Frost10

Creators and purveyors of beastly fantasy toys, with a growing catalog of furry and video game inspired models. Link includes a 10% discount.

Fantasy dildos with gorgeous colors and highly detailed designs, alongside accessories like handles and suction cups.

Customs and premades with incredible base art.

Gorgeous fantasy toys from New Zealand with unique, inventive designs and spectacular colors. Link includes a 10% discount.

Affiliated Sculptors

These are freelance toy designers whose work I recommend.
The links under this section do not provide any affiliate benefits.
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